(VIDEO) Webinar: Project Management is Like Conducting an Orchestra?

The project manager plays a key role in coordinating and matching all the resources involved in a project. It’s like the conductor who has to make sure that all instruments sound at the right moment. Hence the speech of today: Project management is how to lead an orchestra, to what extent is it true? This is the question we ask ourselves today. This is an adaptation to English from the Webinar with the same name in Spanish at Feb 26th, 2019:

Project Management is like directing an Orchestra. To what extent is it true?
Webinar: Project Management is Like Conducting an Orchestra?
«Project Management is Like Conducting an Orchestra?» – Main Quotes

Autor: MSIG Ing. Roger-Salinas-Robalino, PMP (Roger.T800)

✉ Roger@t800it.com | Master in Management Information Systems from the ESPOL. Certified PMP® since 2012. Active member of the PMI®, Chapter Ecuador, since the same year. He currently manages his own IT Services Company. He has over 10 years of experience in the Financial and Banking Sector, in the area of ​​IT, and more than 6 years in Strategic Management and Institutional Projects. He worked since 2006 in two major banks in this city. He has led several projects. He has given classes of Project Management and use Microsoft Project Professional 2013, training and vocational formation at the ESPOL, UEES, among others. Want to know more about me? http://bit.ly/RSRCurrículum

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